“Cowen & Co. estimated that the resale market would grow to be worth $6 billion globally by 2025.”

- BusinessInsider. com

I made $580 net profit in the first days from Yeezys & Supreme Box Logos even AT SCHOOL

- Evan.B (Beginner Reseller)

What's up,

You'd be surprised how easy it is, for any beginner like you, to start making up to $1,138 or more per month from selling hyped items in 2020 and onwards...

Today, I'll show you how with a brand new system.

Inside are unique methods that you can use every week to generate 4 figure profits, the same way as my previous students.

There's Evan who I mentioned above.

He's just a regular teen who goes to school. But, hype reselling is where his true passion lies.

Within his first 14 days he was earning more than the average teen generating an easy $580 from spending a couple minutes per day on his mobile device.

Most people wonder how?!

It's stupidly simple, he managed to buy 5 pairs of Yeezy's and an iconic Supreme Box Logo hoodie BEFORE they sold out and resold them straight after for more.

Fast forward to today and he's managed to get his hands on even more hyped items which earn him more money than an "average joe" working a full-time job.

I like to say:

"Under 20 but earning like an over 20"

The best part is, you don't even need:

- Selling experience

- Complex programs or bots

- Insider connections

- To live in a major city

All you need to get started is this:

- A laptop or phone

- The secret methods that enable you to buy an item before it sells out

- And of course, an internet connection

All of the methods inside can simply be used through your normal web browser.

Plus, it works for beginners worldwide...

In fact, my newbie students quickly make a grand or more in their first few months. Regardless of whether they are in America, Asia, and Europe.

You Just Need A Way To Check Out BEFORE Everyone Else...

On Dec 19th 2019,

This iconic "Box Logo" tee was about to be released online...

As soon as the tee was released,

Resellers managed to secure it in under 60 seconds for the small price of $38...

A quick 5 minutes later, it listed and sold for a juicy $396. 

The profit was a huge $358 for only 6 minutes of work.

Most jobs don't even pay that well...

But just imagine...

If a regular job paid you $358 per hour,

Your weekly income would be $14,320...

$744,640 per year,

That's close to a millionaire,

To pull these quick profits all you really need to know are the simple checkout tricks that I've uncovered...

And luckily, today you've got an opportunity to get an insider's look into my winning methods...

That Make $1,138 From A Few Clicks

I know, I know

You're probably skeptical thinking...

"This is a scam!"

But seriously...

Take a look at this:

Below is a confirmation photo for a Yeezy order, from Adidas. com 

Everyone was certain that these would resell for at least double the price you paid for them,

Just look at how much these sold for after the release...

Your $220 turns into $480 in a matter of minutes.

In that example above you would've made $260 in profit. You can easily do the same to cop multiple pairs of yeezy's without a bot.

Just getting 3 pairs would then bring a total of 3 x $260 = $780 in profit

Add that up with the Supreme Bogo Tee ($358 in profit)...

And you pocket a juicy $1,138 in gross profit...

And these deals are happening all the time

For instance, the Yeezys and Bogo tee came out in the SAME month!

And as you can tell, we love copping Yeezys...

And remember >>> No bots or programs were used. 

Just simple tricks using web browsers to check out faster than everyone else.

Nothing complex at all,

I use this method myself and I like to keep it as simple as possible.

And guess what,

There were at least 7 if not more releases like this in that same month.

So, you could have got those 2 releases and laid back...

Or you could have chased more releases to make even more money,

Which just leaves you to question...

What would you do with that money?

Quit your boring part-time job?

Reinvest to make even more money?

Treat your friends or loved ones?

Book an exotic holiday?

That's all your choice, you are your OWN boss when you make money from hype reselling.

So, in the next few minutes,

I'll "pull back the curtains" and reveal exactly how you can get access to the brand new KCP System.

But first you need to know that...

There's Some Dangers Waiting For You...

It's important that you understand this:

There are many services called "Cook Groups" and "Bots". These services are misleading many new beginner resellers by claiming:

"Never take L's again"

just to make a quick $...

They do not care if you lose money.

You see, 

"Cook Groups" are created for experienced resellers.  

Most of them will try and attract beginners like you to sign up... 

But, the features are useless to new beginners and the result is that you can lose a lot of money following their advice. 

Then there are also many "bots". You could find some of the cheaper ones for a bit less than $1,000...

But, it'll mainly be a waste of money as you're still competing with the best bots out there. The best bots like "Cyber" will cost around $5,000 and even then, the success is NOT guaranteed. Then, you need to pay monthly costs to stay up with releases.

I've heard a lot of horror stories about beginners getting into Cook Groups or Bots - Don't be a victim.

But also if you haven't started reselling yet, you should know that...

You're Missing Out On New Releases Every Week...

2020 and beyond will be experiencing new levels of hype. Nike, Supreme and Adidas realize how big the reselling market is, so they're 100% committed to release even more limited and exclusive clothing and sneakers into the market to boost their brand recognition and sales.

That's where the opportunity lies for me and you to get in, buy the item before it sells out and cash out every month with 4-figure profits!

Every day you wait to start hype reselling, you're missing out on huge releases and of course, releases = profits $$$

^ That's just North America,

other parts of the world are going big on this too!

This upcoming decade screams money-making opportunities...

Luckily for you, it's only the start, but you must be quick.

You gotta get in before the market becomes oversaturated, and it will because...

It's Easy Money, That's Why.

Most items are already expected to go up in price before the release.

This makes it less risky than typical "forex day trading" or "shopify dropshipping" etc...

Hype reselling only requires a few clicks to buy the item and on the same day you're virtually guaranteed to sell it and make a profit that could even pay for a "first car".

In my eyes, that's the easiest and safest money you could make.

That's why a lot of young people just like you, are already quitting their part-time jobs and getting into this instead.

Heck, it's so easy, that if you want...

You could stay at school/college,

work in a part-job

and still, manage to resell on the side.

(I know so many people that do this)

It's a giant reward for tiny efforts, with just 3 quick flips of the hottest items you can easily pay for a brand new Louis Vuitton bag.

Once you start hype reselling, the opportunities to where you can go are endless.


Take one of my buddies for example, one of their first flips was a pair of Yeezy 350 V2  "Blue Tints" which I purchased from him.

The profits he made from those sneakers were then reinvested into his hype reselling and from there he grew to become one of the biggest plugs in the UK...

He's even hooking up well-known celebrity influencers with hyped items now!

But before I show you how you can become the next successful reseller...

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Markuss,

The founder & CEO of "Hustle The Hype" brand.

I've helped over 70,000 people and I've coached over 1,000 private students with making 4-figures from hype reselling.

But it wasn't anything like this in the past...

Back in 2016 reselling was tough for beginners. It was a cold business to be in and I was still at school and needed some extra money, so I happened to join around this time too.

But the problem was that I was stuck holding items that couldn't sell and worst of all, this caused me to miss out on the items that had $1000's in profit because I didn't know how to get them before everybody else.

A lot of time and money was lost trying to figure out what works because of all the mixed advice that goes around like "buy a bot" or "join a cook group".

(You heard that before?)

I was very close to quitting but suddenly, I started picking up on patterns that nobody else noticed, such as the method to increase profits by an extra 11%, or checking out Supreme items 6 seconds before everybody else or even predicting which items will double in price after a month plus 16 more different ways to succeed in hype reselling without a bot.

I took all these methods and put them all together into one solution, the KCP System.

From that point, everything changed for me and within a week my painful losses turned into frequent wins.

And now with all of this information at my fingertips, I've made it my goal to help 1,000 people to earn $1,500 in their first 30 days.

That's a total of $1.5 MILLION across 1,000 different students.

That's so fulfilling that I can't wait to teach you how to be one of those students.

But despite COVID-19 and other strange things that have happened, 2020 is set to be the most profitable year for reselling.

That's because there's going to be more releases than any previous year. Infact, there has been and will be multiple weeks in a row where a single hyped item could give you a 4 figure NET profit, such as the Nike x Ben & Jerry Dunks.

So to help you make money in 2020, I'm going to share my unique methods with you to help you buy items such as Supreme, Off-White, Yeezy etc.

Before they sell out and then I'll help you resell them minutes later for double or triple your money...

The Beginner's Journey Can Get Ugly...

A common question I get asked is...

Why are you sharing such a profitable system with beginners?

That leads me to answer...

I don't want you to go through what I did because the reseller community would collapse!

A lot of people lose money from trying different bots and the info I tried to follow on YouTube was always wrong or outdated.

But now you don't have to waste time and money because you don't need to learn it all by yourself.

You can skip the hard part and start making money as soon as this week and that's all thanks to the brand new KCP System and the methods inside it.

The best part is that...

The Results Could Easily Be The Same For You...

Initially I thought that this might only work for me.

But ohhh I was VERY wrong.

Other people who decided to try to see if it would work for them quickly got profitable results. So not only did this apply to me but anybody else who tried the system too.

In this case it was Evan who decided to try it out early.

(Yup, the one mentioned at the start.)

He knew that hype reselling was a huge opportunity and used the KCP System to make fast profits from it, check this out:

Extraordinary results like this for a complete beginner!

This system just had to get out to other people who are new to reselling just like you. Just 4 weeks after I sent it out to more new beginners...

Success just started popping up everywhere. Multiple beginners were getting their hands on exclusive items that could be resold for 4-figure profits.

These are all young people just like you sending their "thanks" because the KCP System is what helped them make their monthly profits in hype reselling.

I'll Explain How It All Works Now...

Before I continue, let's make sure you understand the following things that we have spoken about...

Hype reselling is a very profitable and easy business to be in right now. You don't need selling experience, and you don't need to know anybody special or live in a major city.

All it takes is the internet connection, any device and of course the KCP System to generate $1,138 per month.

It's easy money and that's why the market is set to hit $6 billion by 2025.

However, many beginners fall into the trap of wasting time and money on bots and cook groups and even after that, the beginners journey to success just gets more difficult.

But, thanks to this brand new system, beginners finally have a new and proven way to buy items before everybody else and sell them for 4-figure profits.

So that leads me to explain how the system works.

KCP Stands for:




Here's a snapshot of the 3 step system in action...

Knowledge Section:

Here you'll see how to predict which items could make you $1000's in profit and which one will not. (Before everyone else knows.)

You'll also get access to a hidden database of all the top trustworthy websites where you can get these exclusive hyped items.

Cop Section:

Right here, is where you'll receive the different methods to check out BEFORE everybody else.

Also, you'll find out about a huge common mistake that most people make when starting. It ends up costing A LOT of time and money - make sure you don't fall for the same trap!

Profit Section:

This is the part when you get PAID.

I'll guide you step-by-step to ensure you can sell safely online without getting scammed.

I'll show you exactly how to package and ship items correctly...

As a bonus, You'll even get access to a (brand new) trick to make 11% more profit per item sold.

(That's me holding the same sneakers in the example above!)

Once you're in and using the KCP System you could be able to pull off something like this...

This Can Bring You A Juicy $7,492...

Thanks to the 3 step KCP method, you can get all these items for cheap.

There would be too many to include but here is a glimpse of what the sweet success is like in reselling hyped items…

I’ve picked a few items out that you may recognise and here is their resell value…

Total Value: $7,492 (What you sell at)

Total Retail Value: $896 (What you pay)

Gross Profit: $6,596 

There is always a customer for these exclusive hyped items too.

If you really want...

You could even sell them the same day as purchasing them.

Make sure to pay close attention because it's going to...

Change Your Life...

If you thought that collection up there was big money, you'll soon realize that it's not much when you're handling that amount every single month because of your latest "cops".

If you love the hypebeast style, you can now keep some items for yourself, such as Yeezy's, Supreme, Off-White etc...

You can also have the money to eat out whenever and wherever you like...

You can travel to exotic locations during school holidays because you don't need to ask anybody for "time off"...

You can afford to donate to charities and support causes around the world like the Australian bushfires, COVID-19 or BLM...

You can gift loved ones presents that you couldn't afford without reselling...

You can even have leftover money that you can invest in more hyped items or put in a savings account for the future...

You are your own OWN boss.

I do exactly all those things above. Call it "showing off" or "flexing" but you can do exactly the same, there are no excuses.

I'm grateful for how I could have all of that in such a short amount of time.

You can be young and already enjoy the finer things in life. You don't need to look back and laugh at yourself for "being a broke kid"...

All thanks to hype reselling, your life WILL change for the better.

There's me by the world famous Trevi Fountains in Italy, wouldn't be here if it wasn't for hype reselling.

But now it's time for you to experience the success and discover...

How You Can Get Started

Right Now

You've seen all the success stories of users of the KCP System but now it's YOUR turn to experience that same sweet success. So, now I'd like to give you exclusive lifetime access to the KCP System.

This only requires 10-20 minutes of your time for every release and on average you'll find 3 releases per week.

Once you choose which option you would like, you will be able to access the system immediately. All of the information inside is strictly private, some of the material cannot be found anywhere else, for example the simple sneaker investing strategy that doubles your money in 2 months.

Here's What You Will Get...

(Features Worth $297)

1) Introduction On How To Use

2) Early Info

3) Hype Predicting

4) "Bricks" & "Sleepers"

5) Your Item "Plug"

6) Lowkey Stores

7) Community Success

8) Multiple Item Copping

9) Bot Beating

10) "Eazy Yeezy" Strategy

11) Success Tactics

12) 10 Second Supreme

13) Nike W Maximiser

14) Instore Securer

15) Protection Guide

16) Growth Plan

17) Winning Against Deception

18) Optimal Listings

19) How To Get Paid

20) Packaging Made Easy

21) Shipping Made Easy

Total Value: $297

That leads us to the question...

How Much Is It?

There's excellent news for you, lifetime access including all the bonuses that I'm sharing with you today will NOT be $297.

This is the price that I plan to charge in the future for new members, however for now, I realized that is too much for a beginner reseller to pay...

I would have no users of the KCP System and all of it's bonuses won't be used by anybody.

As a beginner, I was like you, I had little to zero experience.

I didn't have much money to invest in my skills and a lot of that was lost trying to find out how to succeed in reselling, remember, I spent several weeks and lost $100's just to find out what works...

And trust me the KCP System is a much more fast, fun and exciting way to make money compared to how I had to do it, the hard and long way.

I'll reveal the price soon, but first let me tell you about some insane bonuses that I've put together just for you, so as a beginner you can get strong headstart.

For A Limited Time Only...

I need a way to attract the first users for the KCP System.

So for a limited time only you can also get the following bonuses WITHOUT paying the big prices:

#1 - One Month Access Into HUSL'R MasterMind

(Worth $29)

This is an exclusive reseller group that has many experienced resellers sharing tips and tricks with beginners. I charge $29 for accessing this group, but for you it will be a completely free bonus.

#2 - Access To The Brand New "Investment Analysis" (Worth $32 Per Article)

This shows you step-by-step how to double your money in 2 months from investing in the right sneakers. Anyone who wants access to these articles must pay $32.

However, as a member of the KCP System you'll get them 100% free as a bonus.

#3 - Additional Updates (Worth $37 Per Update)

Receive ALL frequent updates on the KCP System for free when you choose the most popular option.

#4 - Personal Mentoring From Me (Worth $40 per hour)

I'm often busy helping many existing users with their reselling. However, once you join the KCP System, you will be my priority and I will chat with you via message to make sure you're making money.

On Instagram I charge $40 per hour for this chat, but as a KCP member, you'll get as much time as you need for free to ensure you're a successful reseller.

#5 - "On Demand" Personalised Video (Worth $249)

When you choose the highest tier option in the KCP System, I will also film and record a video personalised to you only, covering exclusive strategies for hype reselling.

Adding those 5 bonuses together plus the future price of the KCP System, that's a total value of $684

But as promised, you'll be paying less than $297 and you'll get the 5 bonuses above completely free.

There's 3 options available for the KCP System starting at only a small fee of $57, less than a new video game!

This is only a one-time payment, there's no monthly or yearly subscription and I guarantee, there are no surprise purchases or add-ons required.

Everything you need to start, is available in the KCP System starting at only $57...

No Questions Asked...

I'm so confident that this will work for you that i'll triple the usual 30 day guarantee and I'll give you the next 90 days to let me know if the KCP System is for you...

In the highly unlikely chance that you're unhappy, I'll grant you a bonus extra month inside the HUSL'R MasterMind as compensation.

Your results, success and satisfaction with the KCP System is my priority.

Select An Option & Get Instant Access


Without Updates

Full Access To The KCP System

This is a one-time payment.

Includes full access to the KCP System and all of its features.

It does not include any updates for the future.


​With Updates - *MOST POPULAR*​

Full Access To The KCP System + Updated Research

This is a one-time payment.

*MOST POPULAR - This option has been chosen by 90% of sign-ups

Includes full access to the KCP System and all of its features

Includes new future research video updates for FREE.


​"On Demand"

Full Access To The KCP System + Updates + "On Demand"

This is a one-time payment.

Includes full access to the KCP System & all of its features

Includes new future research video updates for FREE.

+ "On Demand" Access

Q: What's "On Demand"?

A: I create one private video (Just for your access*) covering any additional topics you want to learn more about.

*You will be the only one to see the video. It will not be available to anyone else who is in this course.

Today Might Be Your Only Chance To Join...

That's right. I'm sorry but this is how urgent it is.

I expect around 40 people to join today, if that is the same case again in the next few days, I will close access and up the price to the KCP System without warning.

If too many people join at once, I'll have no choice but to limit access & raise the price to $297 like mentioned before, which is why today may be your last chance to get in on the offer.

I'm sure you understand...

More demand, means higher prices... just how hype reselling works!

So, if you're serious about getting early access for a much lower price, take action now and it's virtually guaranteed that you will make back your money in the next 7 days of completing the system.

But as always, the choice is yours to make...


Without Updates

Full Access To The KCP System

This is a one-time payment.

Includes full access to the KCP System and all of its features.

It does not include any updates for the future.


​With Updates - *MOST POPULAR*​

Full Access To The KCP System + Updated Research

This is a one-time payment.

*MOST POPULAR - This option has been chosen by 90% of sign-ups

Includes full access to the KCP System and all of its features

Includes new future research video updates for FREE.


​"On Demand"

Full Access To The KCP System + Updates + "On Demand"

This is a one-time payment.

Includes full access to the KCP System & all of its features

Includes new future research video updates for FREE.

+ "On Demand" Access

Q: What's "On Demand"?

A: I create one private video (Just for your access*) covering any additional topics you want to learn more about.

*You will be the only one to see the video. It will not be available to anyone else who is in this course.

 - Markuss (Hustle The Hype)

P.S Imagine earning $1,000's - Just from clicking a few buttons on your phone or laptop. With the proven KCP System you can make that reality by using it to win big from "Hype Reselling".

It might sound sketchy. But, if you take a step back and read all the news and info about it. The money is there for anybody to make.

Finally with this new System it's proven that beginners can make $1,138 in their first 30 days.

But, As you've seen on this page, most beginner resellers WILL lose a lot of money trying to make their first profit without the KCP System.

It's now your time to make your own monthly income and become YOUR OWN boss.